Your Inspection Welcome- Interior Style

As you may know is part of the Vintage City Network, included in the network is Vintage Brighton, whose founder has just released a book in collaberation with vintage portrait photographer Matt Keller aka Southern Retro.

Your Inspection Welcome- Modern Vintage Interiors is a exploration of the stories behind the furniture and décor in a variety of vintage enthusiasts homes, similar to our own Vintage Inside & Out series, but amazingly the book is self published on Blurb.

The great thing about this book is that each of the ten homes featured have distinctly different styles, from Art Deco to Victorian themed and the fashionable Mid Century Modern to name a few. The properties themselves range from rented to owned and from small flats to large five bedroom houses!

This is something more than a pretty picture coffee table book as it contains mini interviews alongside lots of information about the various styles with tips on buying into different eras too. It would make a great gift for an interiors fiend or even just for yourself!