Where can I promote my vintage in Manchester now?

Well the end of May is getting closer and I just wanted to share with you a small way of continuing to share your events or vintage based businesses with other people.

Obviously there is Facebook and the Vintage Manchester Facebook page will be staying open for the foreseeable future as will the Twitter page. The thing is both of these need interaction from the administrator, which is me, to actually reshare or retweet stuff… And I wont be available to do this as much as I am now…

So, I’ve set up a Pinterest board just for Vintage Manchester. Its a group board which means anyone I invite can pin stuff to it.

Steps to be able to Pin;

  1. You need a Pinterest account- do that here,
  2. You need to follow the board- Vintage Manchester
  3. Then just get in touch with me, with the email address you use to open your Pinterest account and I’ll send you an invite.
  4. You can then upload flyers or images from your website or blog posts and it’ll be linked back to you and be shared with the followers of the board.

I’m hoping we can build a community together- sounds cheesy I know but its true!

Below is the current Vintage Manchester board- Pinterest is a huge source of traffic for many people and I hope the vintage businesses in Manchester can benefit.

Follow OldFashionedSusie’s board Vintage Manchester on Pinterest.