Vintage Manchester Needs Your Help

Our Editor has been asked to write a book! It’s a local history type of affair with the main body of the book being images of Central Manchester through the years.

The thing is, some local history books, dare we say it, can be a tad boring… So our editor Susie wants to involve the people of Manchester. She needs you to get in your attic or cellar and dig around for some photographs of places in Central Manchester, we are thinking just outside the inner ring road as a circumference, but will make exceptions for special places and/or images, for example football grounds, breweries, schools, cinemas. We do want most to be of central Manchester pre 1980 if possible.

So if you used to be a amateur (or even a professional!) photographer in the 60’s or 70’s or even earlier, or you know someone who was- please get rooting around for some photographs for us!

Feel free to get in touch at