Vintage Manchester Awards 2013: Profile Dr Sid

Winner of Best Vintage Entertainment 2013 Dr Sid fought of singers, bands and burlesque starlets to claim his prize. No literal fisticuffs of course (that we know of)!

He began his career in a youth club disco in the early 80’s playing Dr Feelgood seven inches and  always had a broad and varied taste in music from a young age. He was brought up on a musical diet of Billie Holiday, Santana, Andy Williams and the jazzier Disney soundtracks along with a large side order of 1930’s- 1940’s films. Heavily influenced by is tailor father he also become  slightly obsessive about the clothes he wore- avoiding the high street at all costs!

Turning Pro DJ in 1989 he’s played all over the world- residencies and parties in…

  • Manchester
  • London
  • Koh Pha Gnan
  • Quebec City
  • New York
  • Bestival
  • Lost Vagueness Festival
  • Big Chill Festival
  • Latitude Festival
  • Secret Garden Party
  • The Whim Wham Club
  • The WAG Club and various UK fields amongst other places… 

Playing vintage (pre-1984) music at many speciality nights, his repertoire doesn’t end there; Jazz, Blues, Soul, R’n’B, Funk, Disco, Ska, Northern, Acid Jazz, early Hip Hop, GoGo, Indie, Punk, Rock and Psychedelia- there’s not much Sid doesnt know about his music that’s for sure!

DJing on all formats, but of late Sid has been favouring vinyl and along with last years winners (Vintage 78DJs) shellac. Sid is light on his feet too Dancing Lindy Hop, he’s actually a founding member of Manchester Lindy and teaches it occasionally.

The future holds much of the same… More dancing and making people dance to eclectic music…

If you fancy a dance then Dr’s current Manchester residency is at The Jackalope in Chorlton on 4th Friday of each month. Its free to get in and the music policy is whatever takes his fancy. He is also doing a spot at the next Vinyl Night at the Greatstone Hotel in March and will be at various festivals this summer. Dr Sid is always looking out for great Manchester venues to put on some new vintage parties.

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