Vintage Girl Essentials Part Three- Undergarments

I’m calling this undergarments rather than shapewear as I’ll cover the latter in another post. As regular readers will know I’m a Bravissimo girl and have been for most of my bra wearing life, I’ve my mum to thank for it. She discovered Bravissimo around 1995 when they first started and has never looked back. I learned to invest in my chest when I realised that their bras fitted better, were of a higher quality and made my boobs look “hello boys”.

This is part of my Vintage Girl Essentials series but really its for any woman who wears a bra (most I think!) I just think its such a key part of getting dressed in the morning, whether its in a vintage sun dress or a modern jersey t-shirt, the bra you wear underneath can make or break your look. And if you get it wrong it can make your clothes look like they don’t fit, make your posture slouchy, make you look scruffy, give you a lumpy chest or even the dreaded monoboob!

It turns out that’s it actually been 100 years since the invention of the bra, with large scale production starting in the 1930’s, but despite them being around for so long and an everyday item that we wear, some women are getting their size wrong.

This has resulted in a variety of boob disasters which Bravissimo have categorised as the seven bra faux pas. They are as follows along the percentage of UK women who admit to having them!!

  1. The Quadraboob (bust spilling over the top of the cup, giving the impression of four boobs) 36%
  2. The Super Drooper (not enough support, saggy boobs) 26%
  3. The Ledge (over uplift, transforming your boobs into something that resembles a ledge) 12%
  4. The Side Boob (wires in the cup sitting on your boob rather than your ribcage) 41%
  5. The High Rider (the back of the bra riding up) 39%
  6. Saggy Cups (too much fabric creating wrinkly cups) 24%
  7. The Big Stand Off (the front of the bra doesn’t sit flat on the sternum) 28%

boob1 boob2Are you any of these ladies?

I do hope not but if you are, or maybe a combination of two or three, then Bravissimo, as part of their Boob School throughout March, are making women feel better about there boobs and more confident in knowing their size and when a bra does, or doesn’t actually fit.

To take part you can pop into your local shop- in Manchester its the Corn Exchange (the Triangle) and make a fitting appointment or go onto the Online Boob School or go through Bravissimo’s Facebook page.

Bravissimo Collage

Some of the swoonworthy new sets!


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  1. March 14, 2013 / 11:49 am

    Sadly I do not get on with Bravissimo – they fear ‘the ledge’ (which is only a problem with certain clothes – and unlike the others is more to do with looking ‘trashy’ than bad fit… imagine a modern fashion mag’s take on cone bras as a reverse) so much that for short bodied folk like me they create what I call ‘tummy boob’ – perfectly held boobs, just a little too low in relation to the waist! I have tried over the years many times with them. So it’s either very expensive ones or granny bras (with very shorten-able straps) for me hahaha!

    • Susie
      March 14, 2013 / 8:20 pm

      Oh how interesting! I’m pretty tall (5’10) I’ve never really thought about a tummy boob but now you’ve explained it makes perfect sense!