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Please welcome guest contributor Emma from Oooh Betty- you can have a look at her house too here if you like! 

As a collector and a seller of vintage items, I did have quite a job narrowing my collection down to my five favourite things. Sometimes I buy an item, enjoy it for a while and then decide it is time for it to go to a new home. That said, there are, within my collections, things that will be in my possession forever. The five things I have chosen to share with you are most definitely in what I call my ‘keepers’ category.

My first ‘keeper’ does not hold any sentimental memories as such. It was purchased from a church thrift shop and it is special to me for a number of reasons. This case is the first vintage suitcase I bought and it is,  honestly, the first of many. The suitcase thing has become quite an obsession but I feel they are an essential item and I will tell you for why. My suitcases hold my stall stock, my vintage fabric stash and all my craft supplies. I have mini brown leather cases, a big bright red case and many, many more holding all sorts of bits and bats.

This,my favourite case, always goes to the markets with me and many people try to buy him (yes he is a boy case). He has a little label inside which tells me that his previous owner was a very organised traveller that required less underpants than pairs of socks. Lets assume that he rinsed them through in the bath of an evening.

My second favourite thing is actually two things so I am cheating slightly but they do look rather dappy together. My caped Danish gonk is called ‘The Pessimist’ and should really be sat next to his partner ‘The Optimist’. Unfortunately I have no idea where the optimist is but my gonk seems much happier since he gained a super cloak. I came to own the gonk as it used to belong to my Aunty who I visited many times at her flat in Pimlico London.

These visits are fantastic memories as she would spoil me with trips to the theatre and the best attractions London has to offer. The gonk reminds me of her fantastic flat that had never been changed since the 60s. Amazing times. His danish monkey friend was a recent thrifted find and is now a substitute for the missing Optimist.

This beautiful coffee set belonged to a very good friend of my mums who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. My mum is now the proud owner of her cat Flora and I have this wonderful coffee set. In my eyes this is the best coffee set in the world. The coffee pot is a beautiful shape, the orange and grey design is eye-catching and unusual and the cups are pretty and delicate. I don’t think I will ever use it but it takes pride of place in my display cabinet and is lit up at all times so that it can always be seen at its very best. The pattern is called Checkmate and it was made by Staffordshire Potteries.

Number four choice is a painting that hangs in my bedroom next to my bed. Forget Malcolm the Moth who is watching overhead, he has his own story. This painting is an original oil painting painted by my late father. He painted this before I was born (so definitely vintage then). He did become a professional artist later in his life but this was painted when it was just a hobby. I love this painting for many reasons as you can imagine and it always makes me smile.

The last item that I would like to show you are these vintage Guerlain perfume bottles. One is full of its original cologne. These also came from my Aunts London flat and she always had them displayed in her bathroom and I always liked them. I think that they may be quite valuable but again, these are in my ‘keeper’ catagory. I, like my Aunt, have them displayed in my bathroom and they look beautiful in the sun. They are quite large bottles, about twelve inches in height. The stopper in the full bottle is unwilling to budge so alas, I will never know how the cologne smells but I am guessing that after around 50 years it very well may be passed its best.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my favourite things and I will continue to love them into the future. There is no doubt in my mind that I will accumulate many more favourite things in the years to come and I cannot wait to discover them and bring them back to my home.


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  1. Fortheloveofvintage
    July 5, 2012 / 10:56 pm

    You have really beautiful pieces, LOVE the perfume bottles, they are stunning