Vintage Christmas Party Outfit: Gents Edition

So this is the other half of our Vintage Party Outfit posts, Chap Versus Chappette in the vintage style stakes! Read the ladies version here. This is also the first of what we hope to be many contributions by the spiffing Norton of Morton.

Over to Norton of Morton for the Gents edition;

As the festive season approaches and invitations to various soirées land on my doormat thick and fast (usually among a deluge of menus to various eateries and a Better-ware catalogue), the need for a new outfit or two becomes apparent. So when the gauntlet was set to cobble together an outfit  for less than £50, I accepted the challenge with great gusto.

As a chap on limited means, I’ve been forced to tighten the old braces of  late. That’s where the humble charity shop becomes my saviour.  Being the jolly throwback that I am, only gentlemanly apparel will do so I headed out to Oldham Street, plonked in the beating heart of the Northern Quarter.

Stepping inside Oxfam Originals, I purloined the rails with purpose when something caught my eye – a black and white dogtooth sports jacket with a hint of red. My mind started to whir as I started to picture my new ensemble. After trying it on, I had a good rummage through the ties, picking out one that looked just the ticket.

Next stop was Oxfam Emporium further down the street – and what an emporium! A real treasure trove of goodies. Flicking through the shirts like a professional bargain hunter, I found a Tattersall M&S shirt….in my neck size. The clothes gods were smiling down on me.

The next day, I left my Swinton employment in search of fortifying my stomach. On the way to the local food vendor, I couldn’t resist popping into the Barnardo’s. To my delight, there was a whole row of trousers. And low and behold, there was a pair in my size for the princely sum of £2.99.  Bargain!

On top of the trouser rail, I noticed a few pairs of shoes. Absent-mindedly picking them up, one pair was too big, the other too small. But the third pair was just right. And then I noticed the well-worn mark on the inside bearing the name of a shoe-makers I am very familiar with – Messrs Loake.

Rushing to the tills like a stoat at full speed, an idea struck me to make my own pocket square. So I picked out a red satin ladies top and hey presto, my outfit was complete for a few pennies short of £38.

Outfit summary
Dogtooth sports jacket, Oxfam Originals, £16.99
Tattersall cotton button-down shirt, Oxfam Emporium, £4.99
Red silk bow tie, Oxfam Originals, £5.99
Black trousers, Barnardo’s, £2.99
Black Loake shoes, Barnardo’s, £4.99
Pocket square (made from red satin ladies top), Barnardo’s, £1.99
TOTAL: £37.94