Venice, Italy! Gorgeous and expensive- like most icons!

This feels like it’s taken me ages to write, but there’s always so many things to catch up on when coming back off holiday; eBay, washing, remembering how to look after a child again!
As you’d expect Venice is beautiful, breathtaking even.  It’s like being on a film set except its real.

There is a roaring tourism trade, which comes as no surprise but it’s difficult to see beyond that- where are the Venetians? It doesn’t feel like a living city.  All the tourists get in the way of what you want Venice to look like! But if you wander away from San Marco and the Rialto areas there are a lot of places seemingly untouched by tourism. Also due to the exchange rate it’s super expensive- even eating off the beaten track we were paying about 12-20 Euros for one course at lunchtime.
Venice has been on my “to do” list since I was about five years old when my Dad went there as part of a photography trip. So going there was a dream come true for my 30th birthday. It was totally amazing and feels like a dream now despite being a few days ago. We didn’t do loads of touristy stuff, art galleries and natural history museums. Although we did do the Basilica San Marco (free entry) and the water taxi from the airport (100 Euros- “but its once in a lifetime”, we told ourselves!).
One of my favourite films of all time is set in Venice; “Don’t Look Now” made in 1973. If you are easily frightened then defiantly don’t watch this just before a trip to Venice but it is a classic film starring Donald Sutherland and the effortlessly gorgeous Julie Christie. Here is the trailer.
Venice can be a little creepy once you get away from the tourists after seeing this film! Especially when you keep seeing these in the shop windows… For those that have seen it you’ll know what I mean!
I did search for any type of Vintage or second hand shops but I’m not sure they exist in Venice although I did find this place, which was closed and had no name but it looked like it could be a vintage shop!! Alas we couldn’t find it again despite my best efforts.

Here is a photo of yours truly in what the Mr called my gondolier outfit! I can’t help it if I love nautical stuff!
And after blowing my husbands mind with Picasso at the Peggy Guggenheim Gallery followed by a lesson in Cubism from myself he came up with this visual joke…. I found it amusing- what do you think?