Five Tunic Dresses

How many saved searches do you have on Ebay?

I have about 15, including “free-standing kitchens”, and “furniture under £20 within a 25 mile radius”. But one of my most active searches is for “tunic dress”. Its the simplicity of this kind of dress that really appeals- just throw it on and you are good to go.

I’m very much a dress person, but what I’ve found as I’ve been slowly doing a wardrobe edit is that most of the dresses I own are evening ones- I’m talking about 85% here… Which is daft really, as its about 15% of the time that I actually have the chance to wear an evening dress.

So a great excuse to start shopping- as if I need one. Here are my five favourite tunic dresses currently in the shops and online.

joules tunic dress

This blue horsey number looks easy to wear and like you’ve made an effort when you’ve actually had zero time to make any more effort then normal… Just me then. From Joules for £59.95

joy tunic dressThis one above, is from Joy Store and is in the sale at £32- a monochrome heart print makes it an ode to the sixties.

sugerhill tunic dressOooh unicorns! Yes this unicorn adorned tunic dress can be yours from Sugarhill Boutique via John Lewis for £49.

new look tall tunic dressThis tunic dress is strong in its simplicity- can easily be dressed up or down, depending on what accesories you put with it.  Also a bargain at £24.99 from New Look Tall range *makes mental tall girl note*.

toast breton tunic dress

And what tunic dress article would be without a Breton version. A classic: Chic, a bit French, and always has that sharp, clean and elegant look, softened by the cotton fabric. This one is from Toast for £79.

Each of these dresses could be teamed with leggings or tights when chilly or bare legs on milder days. They seem to be a really versatile and hard-working wardrobe basic, I’m just wondering why it’s taken me this long to catch on. I must be getting sensible about clothes in my old age 😉

tunic dresses


Disclosure- this is a sponsored post