Trespass wet weather gear- review

Today I’m able to show you something that just hasn’t seemed appropriate until the last few days of odd weather we’ve been having.

You see the lovely folk at Trespass sent me a couple of bits recently, proper wet weather gear…. And well its been glorious since I received them. Until this week when the weather decided that is was going to be the most unpredictable its ever been!

Seriously- we’ve had warm sunshine and hailstones in a matter or minutes and then back again five minutes later. Temperatures have dropped then gone back up again and it’s just been pointless trying to get your clothing right of a morning as there’s no way you can tell what the day is going to hold.

As you may know I walk eldest to school with littlest in the buggy. We walk up a busy road and if you’ve ever seen my Instagram after a particularly wet walk you’ll know my rage. There are speed humps on this road and a speed limit of 20mph.

When its been raining there is also many large puddles… Put it this way, I’ve been soaked by cars going too fast many times. The buggy has a raincover and eldest is on the inside away from the cars so they are both okay usually. But there’s been a fair few times I’ve had to change on getting home as my clothes are soaked from cars passing.

Anyway- excuse my mini rant there.

It should all be solved now though as I’ve got this great set of wet weather gear from Trespass- and I’ve had chance to wear the coat this week with the weather being a bit bonkers.begin womens ski jacket trespass trespass animal print coat trespass jacket

I possibly look a bit crazed in the pictures as it had actually been throwing it down shortly before we took them and then the weather decided to be really bright with the added bonus of a really strong wind! Tre’s chic!

The jacket is this one and its really well made with multiple layers and detachable parts- the fur bit comes of the hood and the hood itself comes off. Its windproof and very waterproof, the hood is also massive which means I can have my hair up and still have the hood up. (in previous jackets the hood hasn’t been big enough for me to have a ponytail in and the hood up).

The jacket is actually a snow one so this’ll stand me in great stead come the winter school run. Trespass also sent me some waterproof trousers too but it’s not been quite wet enough for me to be able to put these through a practical test. Wearing this jacket and the trousers though will be no match for any daft drivers on a wet school run!


Disclosure- This is a collaborative post.