Thrifty Thursdays- Organising for 2014

Yes- don’t groan- I know it may feel early to be thinking about 2014, but if you’ve got lives anything like my family and I, then it really helps to have something where you can figure out what everyone is doing and when.

There’s also a rather exciting (for me) reason I’ve bought one this early this time- we’ve booked a holiday *skips around happily* its only a few days but its better than nothing and I’m stupidly excited!

So thinking about calendars specifically, it brought to my mind a post by A Thrifty Mrs, where she suggested printable calendars from Etsy for 2013. So off I popped to have a look for the 2014 versions, there are some lovely printable ones on there with some great planners too that you could customise then perhaps get professionally bound.

The one that really jumped out at me is this Twin Peaks inspired one though- and its not printable! Typical! Its also more expensive than I’d normally  spend on a calendar but you can trim and frame each image once that month is done with. So you’d have some rather good Twin Peaks art work around your home- for the price of £16.41 + P&P…

twin peaks calendar 2014


So you’re probably thinking- well that’s not very thrifty!

Well the one I actually ended up buying wasn’t on Etsy at all, not for want of trying. But I couldn’t find any His & Hers or Couples calendars on there at all, you know the ones with the two columns? My husband and I have used this type of calendar for as long as we’ve been married – nearly six years, so its fair to say we are a bit set in our ways when it comes to this and these type of calendars work really well for us.

So… The one I bought… £1.49 plus P&P of £2.30, and its everything we want with a dash of retro humour and photography thrown in for good measure.

retro 2014 calendar

If you fancy snapping this calendar up at such a bargain price you can find it here- Ebay.