The Showroom- Vintage Fashion

Launched in November 2012 by Michelle Holden, The Showroom Online vintage boutique specialises is luxury vintage and pre-loved clothing for the stylish shopper looking for quality bags, clothing and accessories from 1920-1980. The Showroom is based online but can also be found at vintage fairs around England.


Michelle started The Showroom Online as she’d been collecting and buying vintage for over ten years. Over that time friends and strangers would ask “Where’s that from?” or “Can you get me one?” so that she decided to bring a little of her own vintage glamour to the online community.

As you can see from these images her vintage stock is stunning and very much at the unique end of the market.

“I’m passionate about craftsmanship and design so when sourcing items for the boutique that’s the starting point.”, says Michelle. “I aim for wearable pieces that can be incorporated into a modern wardrobe. I particularly wanted stand out accessories and clothing in beautiful fabrics and finishes. From cashmere felt hats to snakeskin clutch to silk jumpsuits; you might not need them but you’ll want them!”, and by the looks of her site we’d agree!


Red carpet glamour blends seamlessly with pieces for more everyday use and wear. Michelle also wanted a sophisticated, easy and safe online shopping experience with wonderful product photography and displays. So whether you’re looking for head to toe vintage or simply one special item to complete your look this online boutique has something for you.

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All images Copyright: The Showroom Online


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