Stitched Up

How often have you spotted something at a vintage fair, reduced price, looked surprised at the price and then realised why. There’s a hole in it, or a tear, or damage that is going to take some sewing machine savvy to fix. Or, as sometimes is the case, the damage is terminal – and yet the fabric is so beautiful, you just don’t want to throw it away?


Or have you spotted some vintage fabric, fallen in love, but not bought it because you wouldn’t know how to make something from it?

I have to admit, even owning a sewing machine, there are some repairs I’m not confident to attempt and what do you do with a beautiful dress that’s just too damaged to wear or repair?

I’d like to introduce you to a brand new spot that’s opened up in Chorlton, Stitched Up.


Supported by Recycle for Greater ManchesterUnLtd and the School for Social Entrepreneurs, this space is a haven for crafters, makers and upcyclers. Because this isn’t somewhere to drop off your mending. This is a space for you to learn how to do it yourself.

There are skilled staff on hand, sewing machines for hire and regular workshops on offer, along with vintage fabric, buttons and haberdashery. So whether a complete novice, or an experienced machinist looking for ideas and projects, this could be right up your street.


Stitched Up is a collective  of crafters, who want to create a more sustainable form of fashion. Through upcycling, using vintage clothing and fabrics and by teaching people how to ‘make do and mend’ they hope to enthuse people to make their own and not dispose of something just because it needs a little TLC.

More than that, they’re supporters of ethical manufacturing processes, for the labour behind those items we simply need to buy new.

And they encourage local makers too, so you can always do a little shopping while you visit.


So, next time you pass over a dress on sale, or you spot a suit that’s a fixer-upper, or you spy an outfit you’d like to make for yourself, you won’t have to walk away.