Sonny Angel #BigReveal & Giveaway

The craze for retro looking products shows now sign of abating. Sonny Angels are wide eyed dolls from Japan and this cute collectable has 100 varieties and counting.

They are sold in blind cardboard boxes so you don’t know which one you are going to get, adding to the thrill, and they are a cute as a button. Each collection has a different theme and is always limited edition. These dolls are great for kids over three and also have a huge adult following. They retail for around £13, but they can go for much more on places like eBay as they are so sought after.

This year marks Sonny Angels 10 year birthday and to celebrate they’ve teamed up with iconic French Bakery Ladureè, Parisian experts in pastries and macaroons.

“The range introduces 12 new characters, six angels wearing the baker’s signature macaroons and six topped with artistically beautiful pastries”.

laduree_macaron #bigreveal sonny angel laduree_patisseriesHow cute are they??!

So I’ve been lucky enough to have been sent one of these and I’m part of the #BigReveal on Twitter at 11am on 20th October… So tune in on Twitter to see which one of these cutie pies is all mine- I’m tweeting here.

#bigreveal sonny angel

The Sonny Angels creators believe that they bring the owners luck, happiness and protection- I think the least they will do is put a smile on anyone’s face.

They would look cute on a shelf in a nursery or equally good keeping you company in the kitchen or office.


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  1. October 21, 2014 / 10:18 pm

    oooh, i love these dolls, i bought one whilst I was in South Korea and I’ve been really tempted to start collecting them. Have you seen the Christmas Collection? So adorable! wish it wasn’t already sold out! 🙁 xo