Shopping Saturday #2

So we I’m currently looking for a new telephone- you know one for the landline?

Do people still have landlines? Well in any case we do and we’ve had these frankly rubbish cordless brick like things for what seems like ages. They look awful, perform awfully and I cant wait to get rid.

Now we have moved house we’ve allowed ourselves to start buying things again after not bothering for so long.

So what I’d like is something with a classic look but still has all the things you need for a modern telephone.

Here’s my shortlist of two!

retro black phoneThis telephone above is from the Imperial War Museum shop and is £50, it looks really heavy and is a reproduction of the classic Bakelite ones. The War museum actually sell reconditioned Bakelite ones too but at £150 and without the modern trappings needed- so not for me. This less expensive one is stunning.

This GPO telephone is another reproduction but a faithful copy of telephones slightly earlier than the mid- century one above. Its around £60-£70 depending on where you want to buy it from- but the GPO site is well worth a look as there’s loads of goodies on there and I’d be happy with any of the vintage phones from there to be honest.

gpo phone


Do you still have a landline? If so what sort of telephone do you have for it?