Sewing Mojo Tips

With all the renovations and decorating that we’ve been doing with the house, sewing has taken a real backseat.

I’ve not done any sewing at all in 2015!!

So in an effort to try and get my sewing mojo back I recently ran a little Instagram only giveaway. I asked for tips on how to resurrect my sewing mojo and I got some great tips! So good in fact that I thought I’d share them here and perhaps they might help you with your sewing mojo.

catjgoddard Create a perfect backdrop for your sewing… Do you have a dedicated room? Give it a revamp so it’s a place you love to be!

thisislullabyHmmm, why not give some hand embroidery a go. It’ll take so long you’ll be yearning for your sewing machine, if you are anything like me!
chloeedeadmanFlick through your seeing books/grab yourself a new one and look for a new and exciting project to get your teeth into! 
jodijoretroIf only I knew the answer ! I’m hoping that giving the sewing department a bloody good destash and tidy up will get mine back . I will also be reading through the answers to see if there’s any great tips 
sew_simoneGet inspired by a new project, search pinterest or look through your favorite sewing books. Alternatively go to the shops look at all the poorly made clothes that wouldn’t fit you properly & enjoy thinking”I could make that myself 10 times better” works for me every time 
new_2_vintageI’m just learning how to sew, I have been inspired by Pinterest. Actually making something and seeing the finished result should help you get your mojo back! Set a time one day in the week as a ‘project night’ and sew 
dollybucklesTry making something as a gift for someone else – I find it more motivating than doing it for myself
beautiful_and_homely I find I sew better with the French Doors open with the smell of fresh air blowing in and my sewing machine set up just inside the doors and music playing in the background
thetalesofgemBrowse the Internet for ideas and when you find one that you really really want to make, you’ll jump to it 
myrtlesdollI’ve just finished a 10 week dressmaking class….it took me to week 8 for my mojo to kick in and it was only when I scrapped my original pattern got some yummy fabric and made a top that was totes simple but fast results. Make something quick and easy that will remind you how good it can be to sew!
lucybishop2012Oh I would so so love to win this. I’ve nearly finished a 4 week dress making course making the Megan dress from the Tilly Walnes “Love at First Stitch” book & I think the key to getting your mojo back would be to find a pattern you totally fall in love with! 
milkywithtwoMaybe set everything up the night before so that its waiting for you to start the next day. Make something as a gift then be reassured about your skills when the recipient absolutely loves it 
georgina8055Treat yourself to some lovely fabric 
tillycatahlfeldBeautiful fabric and vintage patterns help me get my mojo back and then planning a day to myself with no.interruptions also helps. I always try to think of it as a treat to sew rather than a chore. 

sewing mojo

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    • Susie
      May 28, 2015 / 1:17 pm

      Ah well you’ve got a brilliant excuse of moving house and job!