Charity Shop Love- RSPCA Vintage Boutique Northern Quarter

A little over a month ago on the 14th January the RSPCA opened a new vintage boutique charity shop on Oak Street in the Northern Quarter. This is a strictly vintage boutique rather than a usual charity shop. Their feedback includes one customer saying it was the best charity shop they had ever been in!


The shop manager is Stephanie Thornton, she’s 24 years old and has been working for RSPCA shops for the last 2 years. Steph has a great flare for style and fashion and can spot a high-end fashion item or vintage goody in a jiffy! The three other Greater Manchester and Salford shops also save any donated vintage items so they can be sold in the NQ shop.


Susie Hughes is the Manchester and Salford charity manager and has been for the last five years. It’s her responsibility to oversee the running of all the shops and the animal admission and rehoming side so she is kept very busy. She is also a bit of a vintage aficionado and has spent far too much time at antiques and collectors fairs. So between Steph and Susie they can spot a good find, but they are both passionate about pricing items sensibly. Its not about being greedy, instead they want everyone to benefit – customers, donors and animals alike!

Future plans include teaming up with the Manchester Craft Centre to explore mutually interesting themes such as recycling, design and delights!

They are also keen to play a really proactive part in the community and get involved with Northern Quarter events as well as helping homeless people with their dogs whenever they need pet food or veterinary care.

All the money raised at the shop goes directly to helping locally rescued animals saved from cruelty, neglect and abandonment by RSPCA Inspectors. You can see just a selection of the animals they’ve helped on their Facebook page:!/RSPCAManchesterandsalford or learn more about their work on their blog


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