Review- Rose & Gray

Its no secret that vintage interiors are a huge trend in mainstream decorating and home renovation at the moment.

Our editor was recently asked to take a closer look at, and choose a product for review.

Rose and Grey are a company who are based right here in Greater Manchester- specifically Altrincham, a family business with a love for mixing vintage housewares with contemporary furniture. They are in the top ten Sunday Times online home boutiques and when browsing their website its easy to see why.

Striking the right balance of modern items, perhaps with a kitsch or classic design edge, and having actual antique piece for sale gives Rose and Grey a real Aladdin’s cave appeal. We can really see some of the products going on Christmas lists for all ages- for example there’s a fantastic kids section. rose and grey 1 rose and grey 2 rose and grey 3 rose and grey 4As I’ve (editor)  just moved house I chose the very practical Giant Globe bag. I’ve always had a thing for maps, especially old ones- I love the colours and the precise nature of Cartography  and was a bit of a Geography geek at school.

Anyway this bag is massive 28 x 55 x 48cm and is made from recycled plastic bottles. It retains its shape well and doesn’t sag, we’ve currently got a load of my daughters teddies stored inside ours and the bag is so attractive you don’t feel the need to hid it away.

Rose and Grey are definitely a place I’ll be bookmarking and revisiting as we decorate our new home, and some things will be appear on my own Christmas list without a doubt!


Disclosure: Our editor was asked to review the site and a product. All opinions are her own