Review- Personal Planner

You may remember I went to a BlogOn conference earlier this year.

As part of our amazing goody bags we all got vouchers for a free personal planner. This is basically like a diary but better!

You can customise it to how you want to organise your year. Include birthdays – even importing them from Facebook so you know how old your friends are, always good for the milestone birthdays people sometimes keep quiet about.

The are sections to add lists or ideas, even pointers for the following week. You also get lots of extra paper in the back which you can choose to have lined, squared, music sheets, maps- I could go on. This is great for someone like me as I always carry an extra notebook around with me, I don’t think I’ll have to now though as there is loads of space and it makes sense for everything to be in one place don’t you think…?

You also get to design or choose your own front cover, import a favourite photo or image or an inspirational quote, whatever takes your fancy. I chose one of the images on offer of a Stag in a mosaic tiled kind of pattern, next year I’ll probably choose something more personal.

All in all a great idea and one that I can see myself using again as all the birthdays and anniversaries that you enter all get stored in the system so no need to enter them again next year, one of the more tedious jobs when buying a new diary – for me anyway.


Disclosure- I used a voucher that made my planner free, but all opinions are my own.

Also this is my first post from my Christmas gift of an iPad so fingers crossed this works!
Bye for now xx