Review of Vintage Village Yanks in Stockport Fair

Vintage Village in Stockport’s Victorian Market Hall has been going for nearly two years now and enjoys the excellent  undercover venue of the elegant glass market halls. Come rain or shine you will always find a friendly face here and of course a vintage bargain to be had.

The organisers offer up a theme every month, making it a little different from other fairs and a lot of fun as it encourages visitors to get dressed up in the theme or at least perhaps research the theme and educate themselves with a bit of social or fashion history.

So July saw the theme of “Yanks in Stockport”, celebrating the fact that in 1978 the cast and crew of Yanks came to Stockport- specifically the church and market area to film some key scenes of the film.

As well as the usual traders, which have everything from kitsch 1970’s paintings, to men’s spats from the 1920’s to children’s story books that bring back memories, there was all kinds of WW2 and Yanks type entertainment going on.  1940’s style singers and demonstrations of the history of washing, plus wartime vehicles on display and lots of people made the effort to dress up, inspired by the era. Some of the men were actually in authentic WW2 uniforms- obviously no Nazi uniforms were present I hasten to add.

The organisers make a concerted effort to improve this fair month on month it seems, small touches like increasing the number of changing rooms by using pop up tents (see picture above) make a real difference to visitors overall experience. We all know the feeling of getting home to find something doesn’t look as good as you thought it would, as you didn’t want to wait to try it on, well no fear of that happening!

There was even a photographer there that uses the wet plate photograph process where the image comes out onto glass, sadly we didnt get time to have our portrait done but we’ve got our fingers crossed that Marizu Okereke will be there again in the future.

All in all Vintage Village has really upped the stakes of a Vintage Fair and made it into an experience, giving people more than just vintage retail therapy,  but an actual day out. What will they do next to better themselves?!