Red door for the perfect entry

Doing jobs around the house always takes longer than you think, so Bank Holidays are seemingly perfect for making headway on those jobs you want, or need, to tackle yourself.

This recent Bank holiday weekend we my husband, decided to strip the front door. It has been a Racing Green since we moved in but painted on SO badly, its had a stripey texture to it. I’ve been peeling bits off here and there (another testament to the awful paint job that had been done) to reveal a muddy red colour beneath.

Now I’ve dreamed of having a red door for as long as I’ve dreamed about having my own house (a long time). I’m quite fussy about what shade of red the door should be though. I certainly dont want a muddy red!

Something like an old post box red, a blue based red but a bright red, a ruby red, a red the same colour as my favorite nail varnish. A classic red.

These red doors are all beauties dont you think? What colour is your front door?

paint red door



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