Queen of Corsets in Manchester

Our lady in the know Charlie gives us the lowdown on corset shopping in the Northern Quarter…

One or two times of year can inspire fear when it comes to gifts, and now Christmas is over, fast on its heels comes that veritable minefield for couples everywhere, Valentines Day.
But let me inspire a little bravery.

What if I said you could find something beautiful, British made, that the vintage lover in your life will adore? Somewhere you can buy lingerie, corsetry or stockings that your lady will love? Where the service is warm and welcoming whoever you are?

You may have guessed I’m not suggesting a trip to Manchester’s Market Street.
Kiku Boutique, based in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, is known not only to the discerning lady (or gent), but to Burlesque performers from across the city and further afield.

Kiku Manchester

A beguiling wonderland of silk and satin, lace and georgette, the quality of the corsetry and lingerie on offer is impressive – all are exquisitely made. You can pick any item from one of the rails and be charmed by what you find.
Corsets and girdles mingle with silk pyjamas, babydoll nighties and stockings. There is also a selection of dresses, skirts hats and accessories; as along with their own label, Kiku offers other British brands such as What Katie Did, Kiss Me Deadly and Lilly Lewis millinery.

Kiku hats manchester

If this sounds somewhat daunting and you’re spoilt for choice, you can always buy a gift voucher and bring your lady in yourself – owner Lynn specialises in bespoke items and regularly receives requests for one off corsets, dresses or gowns through Facebook, Twitter and email.

Whether you buy off the rail or something bespoke, the service you receive will be second to none.
It’s said that every woman should try on a corset once, and I’d heartily agree.


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  1. KellyReilly
    February 5, 2013 / 9:22 am

    This one looks nice. Our company is also making corsets for any king special events and if you interest just visit us.