My home- porch plans

Ah the front of a house. Anyone who has ever moved house will know all about kerb appeal. The way a property looks from the pavement to passers by.

But as you know kerb appeal is only a small element of an overall property. When we moved in to our house last year, it wasn’t the kerb appeal that made me fall in love with it. It was the wooden floors, the original Victorian features, the pretty south facing back garden and the kitchen that had so much unrealised potential (more on that soon).

In fact the front of the house was a tad on the shabby side, the paintwork and woodwork needed (still needs) redoing and the windows. The porch, although useful in size is a spider breeding colony (not really)

It is on our to do list but as with most things the cost and the priority (or need of the job doing) makes it fairly low on the list. I’ve started to look at other houses of the same era now to see how they’ve got their front doors and if they have a porch. Many actually don’t have a porch… If you think of a typical Victorian terrace- many have the stunning painted wooden front doors, with the beautiful brass door ornamentation and stained glass… Why would you want a porch to hide all that beauty? (image of the red door below is typical of that look).
So I’m somewhat torn between the practicality of having a porch; more space, adds insulation, shelter. And the traditional look of just a rather grand front door. I really want to keep with the style of the house and dont want to go down the uvpc window route that’s for sure.

my porch porch plans

Anyway here is how our porch looks now, its needs some TLC doesn’t it!


As you can see we’ve got some lovely period features, (and lots of wellies!)and we are part way through a door renovation and paint job. So lots of good points- but the actual porch its self hasn’t been maintained by the previous owners and the parts of the wood is rotting and the paint is peeling.

Do you have a porch? Or do you have any tips you’d like to share?

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