Pinspiration- Mantelpiece style

Today I’m going to share some ideas for fireplaces and mantelpieces. This area of your home is ripe for creativity and personal expression.

Traditionally a great place for a clock and a mirror, I have always had a clock on my mantelpiece. When there hasn’t been one due to decorating or moving I’ve found it really annoying!

In our living room we’ve a wooden fire mantelpiece with a black tiled hearth and fire surround. I like the wood but I’m not keen on the black tile and would love to change this at some point in the future.

I’ve been wanting to create a more eclectic style on my mantle and I’ve been attempting to create and curate recently using the ever faithful and helpful Pinterest.

Here are a few of my favourite fireplaces and mantles.

design sponge fire mantlepiece

I Via Design*Sponge

design sponge fireplace mantle

Via Design*Sponge


Via Braided Willow

Via Braided Willow

Via Abigal Ahern

Via Abigal Ahern

I like the layering of objects and the unsymmetrical nature of these mantelpieces. The different heights, proportions and textures of the objects. I’m adamant that I still need a clock on my mantelpiece though, but something that compliments the other objects I’ve got on there.mantle clockI found this little mantle clock online at Oscars Boutique, its small and cute and one of my favourite colours. It goes well with the things I already have and major plus is that the tick tocking isn’t too loud. This is obviously just one section of my mantelpiece… I’ll share more soon.

The funny thing is about the fireplaces I’ve pictured is that hardly any of them are actually used as fires… We have an open fire and we do use it, there’s nothing quite like a real fire I think.

What’s on your mantelpiece?


Disclosure- This is a collaborative post.