Pineapple lamp love

Lighting is such an important element of any home, yet it is often last on the list of things to sort out when renovating and redecorating.

I’m having a couple of vintage lights restored at the moment and I cant wait to put them in postion. I think taking your time when choosing lighting is far better than rushing in to “fix” the problem too fast, and then regretting your choices.

I’ve recently been sent this pineapple lamp from Lighting Majestic and its something I’ve fallen hard for. It was packed fantastically well, in a box within a box surrounded by bubble wrap and polystyrene- so far so great!

pineapple lamp

I’m a little bit in love with Frank Underwood in House of Cards, Kevin Spacey seems born for this role of a classic anti-hero that you cant help rooting for. The interior/set design in that show is very classic as you would expect, but occasionally something pops in that gives it a bit of oomph. The pineapple lamp in the Oval office of the White House is a good example.

house of cards pineapplelampI’ve seen a  a few shops doing a pineapple lamp this season, but they aren’t a new thing. Like most good things they’ve been around a while and are having a bit of a renaissance.

The pineapple seems ripe (ahem!) for table lamp design due to its shape and spiky top, adding a flourish to what would be perhaps a regular egg shaped table lamp base. It adds a sense of fun and personality to a space as well as being a classic piece- perfect for Frank Underwood then?

And with this one in gold it adds a certain sense of opulence and drama to the room. I’ve placed it within an alcove in my living room and it really brings it to life. home shelfie with pineapple lamp

Here I have styled it on top of a vintage bookcase cabinet we found on eBay, along with my artists maquette, a Home print from New-Found store, and a mixture of glass vases, dried flowers and vintage ceramics.

We switch it on in the early evening at dusk, and pretend we are sat in the Oval with Frank plotting…


Disclosure- This is a collaborative post.