Perfect the look: City Chic

There always seems to be a surge of weekend holidays to trendy European destinations around this time of year. Whether it’s friends, family or an associate from work, more and more often we hear about weekend plans involving last minute flights to a European capital to spend the weekend seeing the sights and perusing ladies fashion.

Maybe it’s you. Maybe you’re the lucky one, jetting off in a matter of weeks to be immersed in a roller-coaster ride of sight-seeing, rich food and drink and naturally, better weather. If you are about to set off for a European mini-break (or if this post has now inspired you to consider one!), then keep reading for the essential holiday wardrobe items to take.

Day time: A white chiffon blouse, camel coloured chinos and brogues.

Day time European style is all about looking chic and trendy, without looking like you’ve tried too hard. A white, oversized chiffon blouse would look amazing teamed with camel chinos and some lace up brogues.

Remember that although it might be sunny, you’re not too far from home with regard to season so don’t forget to pack a coat – a lightweight and uber-trendy trench coat is perfect.

Take an oversized bag. Tan leather and black are popular colours as they’re so neutral but equally, bright tones will offset your outfit so this really depends on your tastes. The important factor is size – big bags are the ultimate statement accessory and are perfect for storing all those city guides and maps.

Other essentials: sunglasses and a scarf.

This might seem slightly controversial but sunglasses and scarves make for a winning combination. A scarf will keep you warm and can also complete your outfit – paisley print is a versatile option.

Evening wear: a soft cotton black maxi, pumps and a statement blazer.

Everyday European evening wear doesn’t tend to be as dressy as the English, but this in no way means that they’re less stylish. To strike this balance of effortless elegance try a timeless LBD, or a soft cotton maxi if the weather permits. It’s a universal trend so you can’t go wrong.

A fitted blazer will take your outfit from stylish to sophisticated – if you are wearing black opt for a bright coloured blazer to keep your look fresh.

Swap your oversized tote bag for a simple clutch and you’re good to go!

Europe is the perfect destination for a weekend mini-break because you’re never too far from home. Because of this though, it’s worth packing an umbrella because you never know when a downpour will occur!