Pancake Day- or is it?

Oh my- today is Pancake Day and I only realised about lunchtime, having already defrosted a big chunk of beef for tonight’s tea! To be fair though I’ve only recently found a recipe for Vegan pancakes here.

By the way for those that just read those first two sentences and thought, “Woah- this girl is a strange one! Talking about beef for tea then Vegan pancakes!!? She isn’t making sense!”. I don’t eat dairy products or eggs, due to allergies, but everything else is good to go!

So anyway we are having Pancake Day tomorrow in our house, after getting special permission from the Mr!!

What do you put on yours? I don’t know about you but I’ve always thought you can’t beat lemon and sugar on pancakes- that was until I tried this!

It has the moreishness (not even a word I know!) of the best Apple Pie you had as a child- but there’s no pastry, which is always a bit hit and miss in my experience. It also has no nasties in and is made with British Apples, whats no t to like! Anyway this would be divine with fresh, warm pancakes. My mouth is watering at the thought, I wish I’d remembered now!!