Old Fashioned Gentlemen: Part One

I thought I’d start a series of articles on Old Fashioned Gentlemen. I know that old fashioned girls, or any other for that matter, love a real gent!

This series will be a mixture of fictional characters and “real life” gents.

Being chivalrous and gentlemanly includes a variety of behaviours but I especially love being helped on with my coat and having a door opened for me. Its not because I cannot do it myself- which I obviously can, it’s expressing an act of care and consideration.

First up is Henry Jones Junior, or better known as Indiana Jones!

I think this picture says it all really- what do you think? Is Indy a real gent?


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  1. October 26, 2011 / 3:10 pm

    He is a gent and one of the many reasons I love that time-it was a part of a man manners to do such things for a lady. And when men today try to be a gentleman unfortunatly most women shrug them off and actually get offended. Oh those times were grand! Great post xox