New- Tend Magazine

Facebook is a funny old thing.

So many statuses that, lets be honest, aren’t very interesting. But sometimes someone in your feed will post something intriguing.

This happened to me today.

In a nutshell a friend of a friend has produced a magazine, one that you download- not an actual paper one.  Its called Tend Magazine and I’m about a quarter of the way through and I just felt compelled to share it with you as I’m finding it a really refreshing read.

I was only complaining on Twitter yesterday about a particular magazine I’d bought recently- there was only about 10% of the content that actually interested me- so finding this today was perfect timing.

tend magazine issue one 1The quote below explains the premise of the magazine…

“TEND magazine aims to be at the forefront of mindful living, focusing on environmental, sustainable concerns, providing information and aspiration, driving real environmental change through change at the individual level.

This magazine hopes to nourish the head, the hands and the heart – by providing articles for our intellect, projects to keep our hands busy, and moreover beautiful, aspirational visual images to inspire our hearts.

TEND magazine aims to nurture the bond between a parent and their child, between families and the earth, and between individual families to form community. It aims to strengthen the bonds and connections we have to each other and the earth, recognising and nourishing our natural dispositions to care for and educate our families in the ways that seem right to us. We aim to stir an awakening for the need to slow down, consume less and walk gently on the earth. We aim to be aspirational and utterly beautiful and design-lead. We like to grow some of our own food, support local farmers, eat as much healthy organic produce as we realistically can, gather with friends to enjoy home-cooked meals and to enjoy the bond of community. We encourage the need to consume less and make more, to envisage homesteading and sustainable living as realistic aspirations.

We seek to encourage everyone to walk gently on the earth, in tune with the seasons both within and without of ourselves, and to support, nurture and nourish an authentically mindful life full of mindful choices.”

You can buy it from Tend Magazine website and it costs £4.75 but if you fancy a cheeky 20% off then you can go to the lady behind it’s blog where she has a code you can use for the first issue- here.