New mum Christmas gift guide.

Doing this “new mum” thing the second time around I’m finding that I’m reaching for the same products I discovered first time and a couple of new ones.

So I thought I’d create a little gift guide if you know someone who has recently become a mum- these products are tried and tested by yours truly.

LilyPadz– these are a work of genius. They work by not absorbing but preventing leakage- by maintaining a pressure seal over the nipple. And they don’t show through clothes, and you don’t need to keep buying them. Approx £15.


Belly Bandit- this looks a bit gimmicky I’ll admit, but it flaming works. With both pregnancies I was back in my favourite Gap size 12 jeans within ten days. Wearing it takes a bit of getting used to, but if you don a corset every so often its not dissimilar. It also supports your lower back and helps with posture. I cant imagine wearing it in summer though- both mine have been autumn/winter babies. Approx £45


Organic Babies Mum & Baby Rescue Balm– what can I say, this is good for all sorts, baby’s flaky skin, mums sore nipples anything really and a liitle goes a long way. Plus sensitive skins like me seem to be fine with it. Approx £8

balmMama Feels Good Nursing tops- I have two of these and they are great- tongue in cheek enough not to be dull but not offensive either. I’m not really a wishy washy colour type person and love bold graphic t-shirts so these are ideal. They don’t seem to do the two I have any-more but this one is the closest (mine is black). Approx £27



Happy shopping!


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