My Valentine…

Valentines day has never been a big deal for me- the reason being it’s actually my mums birthday! So off a trotted to Vintage Village in Stockport– with THE best excuse for buying things!

My mums present consisted of a box of mini cupcakes from Stuart Thornley Cake Design, a couple of brooches from the Garbo vintage (one is actually for me though- hehe) a massive bag of handmade smellies from Bathing Beauty and a lovely card made from offcuts of vintage linens.
Saw this brooch and it was perfect!
This one is for me
Mr Old Fashioned’s annuals
And then I just had to share these with you too!
Found these for the grand total of 78p from a nearby charity shop- clearly the dinosaur isn’t for me- honest!

Stay tuned for a brilliant book review later this week!