Dining room mural- a review

Today I want to share a bit of a mini makeover I’ve done of my dining room recently using a mural.

We call it Dining room as there’s a big dining table in there but to be honest, we tend to eat in the kitchen at the moment. The main reason for this is that my youngest, who is almost one now (how fast has that gone!) is still a messy eater and the kitchen is much easier to wipe down and clean than the furniture and carpets in the dining room.

Anyway, we’ve lived here for just over a year now and the dining room hasn’t had anything done to it apart from our furniture being moved in. It’s a room which isn’t high up on the renovation and decorating priority list. For the reason above and the décor isn’t that bad that we simply cannot live with it. I do have lots of ideas though and if you fancy a look at them go to my Pinterest board. Here are a couple- sort of a baronial hunting lodge feel… Go to the Pinterest board to find the source of the image.

scottish dining room mural dining roomSo when I was asked to review a mural and I could choose which one I wanted- I jumped at the chance to use it for my neglected dining room! I chose a Antique World Map Design which had the colours and vintage feel I wanted. Perhaps not quite Baronial Hunting Lodge, but more of a Elizabethan Explorer type feel ala Sir Francis Drake’s cabin perhaps?? Or at least a version of it.

I’m aware this might sound completely bonkers by the way- who has a room like a ships cabin?? But trust me on this, it’s going to look great!

So let me tell you about the mural itself. Mine came in four large pieces. I also received some paste to mix up too which was very handy. I’ve only wallpapered once before and that was in my daughters room in the summer. I was relieved to discover its a skill that I don’t seem to find too tricky.


I measured my wall and as we’ve got high skirting boards and coving I knew I’d have to chop about three inches off the bottom, but the width fitted the wall without me having to cut any holes out for light switches etc,

Now the advice is to have clean flat walls- I took a chance and left the wallpaper up that was already in place, as the mural wasn’t covering the whole wall there would have been a gap either side which I didn’t really want. It’s not best practise to do that but, like I said I thought I’d chance it!

Overall using one of these murals is a really easy and relatively quick way of updating a room. I did find the size of the sections tricky to deal with though- I’m tall with fairly long limbs so I could reach over and smooth one side down whilst holding the other. It would’ve been easier with two people though- especially for the top two pieces, a shorter person would definitely need a second person to help.

I found the second top piece really tricky, see below!

joining the wallpaper mural

The joining up of the pieces to match is obviously crucial as well, my main tip for this would be bear in mind that when the mural is wet with paste its swells and slightly expands- on drying it shrinks back to its regular size. This isn’t hugely noticeable but when you are trying to match the design up it’s good to just keep it in mind.


So what do you think? Everyone in the house loves it- especially the girls! I’ll share some more images of my dining room as we progress with it- currently waiting on some lights which will really add to it.

Would you ever use a mural like this?


Disclosure- I was sent this mural to use to form my review- words and opinions my own



  1. November 13, 2014 / 1:10 pm

    I love this idea, it looks fab!

  2. November 13, 2014 / 3:14 pm

    Ooh Sue this looks fab! Especially love your little model there (can’t believe she’s nearly one!)