Mississippi Blues Cruise

So after having littlest four months ago, I thought it was about time I went out for a few drinks.

Handily an invitation to try out the Liquorists new booze fest landed in my inbox and the date was set.

You may remember my previous Liquorists adventures on the Gincident and the Rum Trail, both brilliant nights out so I knew I would be in for a treat.

This time we were back on the boat on the Mississippi Blues Cruise, a bourbon based night celebrating American whiskeys.

Dashing from the train to Castlefield arena where the boat was docked at one point I didn’t think my friend Kate and I were going to make it…. Happily we did and we were welcomed by the always effervescent Tom with a Lemon Iced Tea concoction.

mississippi blues cruise manchester liquorists

The six cocktails above are- clockwise from top right;

  • Bootlegger Iced Tea,
  • Woodford Reserve Sazerac,
  • Jack Daniels Lynchburg Lemonade,
  • Buffalo Trace Manhattan,
  • Bulleit Whiskey Sour The Whiskey Sour contains egg whites so they made me one without (not pictured).
  • Bulleit Mint Julep

The last cocktail was served at the Liquorists HQ- 22 Redbank and we were driven in minibuses over there… There was talk of having one more cocktail but it was time for me to go home, I was sleepy and drunk.

fire and salt bbq

As well as lots of lovely drinks and a bit of education on the history of bourbon from Tom we had some much needed and bloody beautiful food from Fire & Salt BBQ- smokey baked beans, pulled pork, a super tender bbq chicken thigh and some very moreish pickled cucumbers.before after whiskey bourbon blues cruiseWhat I love about the Liquorists’ nights are that there’s no queuing for drinks, pushing and shoving at a bar, there’s always somewhere to sit (call me old but I hate standing), you pay up front so no worries about overspending or going to a cash-point partway through the night. Its always entertaining- Tom is a master of the spoken word especially about alcohol and you can actually hold a conversation with those that you’ve come out with, as well as learning about cocktails and booze brands you may not have come across before.

AND they always make you nice cocktails, I know this might seem obvious but on a night out don’t you find you stick to the cocktails you know? Just in case you don’t like the one you toyed with trying?? That just doesn’t happen here.

What’s not to like?

Anyway if you fancy going on this merry jaunt then go here Mississippi Blues Cruise.

Disclosure- I was invited on this night out and didn’t pay, but as always these are all my own words and opinions.