Manchester Weekender: The Fashion Special

While most of the Manchester high street opened its doors to shoppers on the Fashion Night Out, the vintage community opted for something a little different.

Held in the Manchester Art Gallery, the Thursday Lates Fashion Special brought together the collective behind the King’s Arms Vintage Fair and the regular pop up Vintage Emporium at The Whim Wham Cafe and offered the public not only the chance to buy gorgeous pieces of vintage fashion, but something a little more exciting.

Anyone could buy or borrow items from the stallholders, wear them and have their photo taken in all their vintage array by a professional photographer. Here was the chance to have your own Vogue cover photo.

Really, what fashion fan could resist?

Vintage photography in Manchester

I certainly couldn’t and while others were shopping their hearts out in the designer venues that opened their doors, I was browsing the rails and digging in suitcases, listening to live jazz sung in the Gallery’s atrium. Bliss.

Even the stallholders took advantage of the hairdresser and makeup artist on site and the items on their own rails, and relaxed in the chair while they were transformed.


Vintage make up in Manchester

The night was a huge success, the atrium full of browsers and models alike.

I can only hope that this is repeated again next year. After all, something that gives everyone, young and old, the opportunity to see just how accessible vintage fashion can be and how easy it is to wear can only be a good thing.

Vintage fair in manchester