Manchester Museum Living Worlds Exhibition Review

I don’t know what you got planned for the weekend, but if you are in the Manchester area then may I recommend Manchester Museum specifically the “Living Worlds” exhibition. 

It has recently been refurbished with the help of a events company called, villa eugénie  who are known for organizing art events and fashion shows for labels such as Dior and Chanel. And the result is fantastic, breathing new life into the exhibit. (No pun intended!)

It has all the old favourites still there- like the Polar Bear and the Sperm Whale but has incorporated a much more contemporary feel and way of looking at the exhibit! 

And wait for it, there’s and app for that!!! I have to say the app is fantastic, its free too. I’m not one for gathering useless apps on my phone but this is a mine of information!
Here is a screen shot from the app, just type in Manchester Museum into the app store.

Today’s lesson: 

If you think nature is something far away, think again – we are nature. There may be lots of bad news stories, but look at the amazing things that still exist. Together we can help create a safe and secure future. Together, lots of tiny actions can change the world. 
(Quote from Manchester Museum)