Let the Good Times Roll with Lush

I’m a big fan of Lush.

I remember them in their previous guise as Cosmetics To Go- my mum used to order the Neroli hair fragrance and the citrus fragrance brings back many childhood memories of long summers and eating outside. They dont make it any more but the product I return to them for now is for my children… Its their bestselling Dream Cream. A literal Dream for eczema prone skin.

Although still not right for me due to the essential oils in it- I’m hyper sensitive and will share my skincare routine in a new post soon.

So when Lush sent me a cleanser to try I was very cautious.

I’ve had to many blotchy swollen face episodes to count and manage my skin well enough now (its only taken me 20 years!) to not have reactions.

So Let The Good Times Roll’s ingredients were read very carefully, as it only has one extract/perfume in it I thought I’d give it a go.

lush let the good times roll cleanserAt this time of year my skin feels tired and totally un-radiant (!) so this was another reason I thought I’d try it.

So in the bath I popped- you only need a ten pence sized blob and mix it with a little water in the palm of your hand.

lush cleanser popcorn let the good times rollApplying it to the face in gentle circular motions it felt slightly abrasive- that’ll be the popcorn, but not sore. My skin cannot usually tolerate any kind of exfoliation. So this was rather refreshing- in more ways than one!

After rinsing I noticed a difference straight away. My skin was softer and smoother and took my normal night products really well- I was literally glowing.

post bath face

Took this after the bath but before putting any other products on my face- not sure you can tell but there is no reaction- just a rosy glow. I was really pleased and a bit shocked if I’m honest that it didn’t cause an allergic reaction- but I’m not complaining!

I think I’ll be adding this to my regular skincare routine- perhaps using it once a fortnight.

Do you like Lush?


Disclosure- I was sent this product for a review, all words are my own.