Lakeland Pizza Crisper Review

Since finding a dairy free cheese that I actually like I’ve been getting into making pizza from scratch. The pizza recipe that I use is this really easy one from the BBC Good Food site here. But I constantly found that I was wrestling the pizza away from the tray- no matter what I did I couldn’t get the pizza on the plate in one piece. My kitchen looked like a pizza massacre every time!

Step in trusty Lakeland, after a quick search on Google, I knew that was the place to go to get my pizza problem resolved. Luckily my parents live around the corner from our nearest branch and after reading the reviews on the site here I took a chance and bought two as they have an offer on – buy get the other half price, this offer is currently still on and if you are a household of more than one then its definitely worth buying two.

So basically you make the pizza dough roll it out and then lay it straight onto the tray- you don’t need to flour it or anything. Pile up up pizza with whatever you fancy, I’ve been getting into a mixture of olives, capers, onions, peppers, vegan pesto and vegan cheese- yum!

Then pop it in the oven for about 12 minutes- or whatever your recipe states- and hey presto- a pizza that isn’t cemented to the tray. In fact it positively just slides off! Non soggy, non sticky base. The tray is heavy duty- really good quality and you can just wipe it down once cooled.

In a nutshell if you like pizza and want to start making your own then get these trays!