Interview- Caboodle Magazine

I’d like to introduce to you to something a bit special- Caboodle Magazine.

You may have already seen it, and read it. You may have seen Caboodle Magazine on Instagram where they are going down a storm, or met the girls at the recent Festival of Vintage York where they sponsored the Make Do & Mend hall… This is where I met them and end ended up having a really good chin wag.

It turns out their back story is as interesting as the magazine- and a brilliant example of collaboration in this modern age where mileage between people is no longer important.

What I really like about this magazine is that it is fun. You look at it and you smile- so many magazine seem just so serious about their content that it doesn’t engage- Caboodle just isnt like that.

Let me tell you the tale of the long distance love story that is Caboodle Magazine and Amy and Kayti…. I had chance to do a little interview with Amy and here it is.

OFS-How and when did you meet?

Amy from Caboodle – We met in 2013 at the Bespoked Bicycle Show, down in Bristol. Kayti’s husband, Ricky, is an amazing framebuilder and my chap, Gavin is a wheelbuilder. We joked a bit about being the WAGs of Bespoked, chatted here and there and then built on the relationship last year when the show was held in London. For those of us not responsible for building the beautiful things on display, the event can get a little long and tiring, so it’s great to meet people you can talk to and have a giggle with.caboodle magazine girls

Are you similar or opposite? How does this work for you as a team?

We are SO similar it is unreal! We actually call ourselves ‘brain twins’ all the time and the twin girls emoji is in constant use in our texts! Style and appearance-wise, we are pretty different though. Kayti is a real 60s chick – totally groovy, colourful and always rocks some amazing colour in her hair. She is vivacious and outgoing and you feel like you’ve been friends with her forever, after just five minutes.
I am more of a 50s gal and firmly believe that the higher the quiff, the closer to god! I’m always in jeans and pumps, with a little jumper, but not a whole lot of colour. I save that for my house and the mag! I’m also a lot more sarcastic than Kayti!

How do you find working long distance? Any tips for this?

Working long distance has never been an issue for us. Not once. Possibly because we have only ever done it this way. We speak, via texts or emails, every single day and it never gets annoying, boring or inconvenient. When we want to have a really good natter about something, talk about layouts or flat plans and see each others dogs, we have a Skype and willingly pout ourselves at the mercy of our rural Sky connectivity!

We have had some hilarious conversations, when there has been a storm at one of our locations. The delay we get is ridiculous and it’s clear we are both just carrying on talking even when the other person can’t hear us! As long as you have a clear and definitely joint vision of what you are creating, long distance working is fine.

We both get to surprise each other with new ideas (Kayti loves my awful drawings that I send her) and our shared Dropbox becomes a bit of a lucky dip! Whatever you download is bound to be fabulous. The other good thing is that we get to send each other presents via snail mail as we don’t see each other too much.caboodle magazine uk creative magDo each of you have specific jobs on the mag or do you take turns at doing stuff?

We do have specific jobs, but the more we work tighter, the more we muck in with everything! Kayti is an INCREDIBLE photographer and I am truly terrible at snapping pics, so that is one area that I will never be straying into and similarly I do the editing and proofing, which Kayti would hate to do, but apart from that we really do work as a perfect pair!
The layouts Kayti makes are wonderfully fluid and if I have a thought or a suggestion, there are no egos in the way and we can change things up here and there. Likewise, Kayti writes fab articles and asks what I think and even when they are so good I want to be a tiny bit jealous, I can’t be, because it’s all for the magazine we built together.

What are your plans (and hopes)for the mag?

Plans for the mag include going quarterly from 2016, so we are gearing up for that now and feeling REALLY excited and overwhelmed by all the support form incredible people. We also have some other fun things on the horizon, but will keep those under our pom pom berets for now! Essentially, we just hope that our magazine keeps making people happy and can brighten even the worst days. There is something so inherently special about a product designed to offer nothing but joy and that is what we are proud to make.

A few similar (indi/creative/alt) lifestyle mags have come and gone in the past few years… How is yours different? Have you observed and learned by watching these publications?

What’s different about Caboodle is us, plain and simple. No other magazines have ever had the magical and potent combination of Amy and Kayti! Ha ha! We have exactly the same vision of what would make us want to sit in our favourite corner of the sofa with a cup of tea and read a magazine.

There is no ulterior motive of becoming super rich, or selling the magazine to a big publisher who will strip all of the individuality out of it and nor are we about to increase the number of ad pages we include, just to try squeeze as much money as possible out of every issue. We want to make a lovely magazine for nice people, so while there are still incredibly talented, artistic, happy beings in this world, there will also be Caboodle.caboodle magazine roses on the table