One year on, in my home #storyofmyhome

We’ve lived at our “new” home for nearly a year now.

But it still feels so new! It cant be a year, can it? On 1st October 2013, after two weeks of delays within the chain, we finally moved into our forever home.

I was heavily pregnant with Littlest and we had what felt like a million boxes to move. Safe to say we had removals men and a few helping hands. I was so anxious on the day of the move that I was actually sick, the only time throughout my whole pregnancy- despite feeling it many times.

Part of me still didn’t believe it was really going to happen, we’d been on edge for a fortnight not knowing if our buyers were really ready, and then asking us some daft questions at the last minute.

chips and gravyWe had the traditional chippy tea as our first meal in the house and then the unpacking began. I was in full on nesting mode by this point at eight months pregnant, I really wanted our home and the new babys room to be just right for when s/he arrived.

mustard velvet chair

It is a slow process, getting our home the way we’d like it (it isn’t anywhere near yet) and it is something I’ll share in more depth room by room in the future.

Our home wasn’t looked after in the way it should have been by the previous owners, so it needs a lot of TLC. It’s a very old home, built in the late 1920’s and we plan to restore her to her grandeur, but with added mod cons.

As readers will know I love vintage pieces but I also love good design, and I like to mix things up together to achieve an individual look. The clock on the kitchen wall below was from a charity shop and sits amongst Eldests’ art and bits of paper ephemera that I love.

In the photograph below, the curtains, footstool and chair were from eBay- the chair has had Prince Charles’s bottom on according to the seller… The lamp base is from a charity shop which I spray painted white and I made the lampshade with one of the those clever kits. The cushion is H&M (love their homeware) and the cane stand was from my parents home.

Here is a shot of my first ever wallpapering attempt- in eldests’ room- it is one feature wall full of flamingos… Again will share more in the future- but it looks ace. And curtains are Sanderson fabric- via, yes you guessed it- eBay!

This  image is of the floorboards underneath our bedroom carpet, it was so satisfying ripping this up (and so dusty).

This little chap sits on my kitchen wall- ever ready with his string. This one is from eBay (again) but you can find them at vintage fairs often.