Housecoat update!

Well hello there!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend with the Royal wedding and lots more time off!? I have to say despite my best efforts I did get caught up in it all and sobbed for pretty much the whole of Friday morning!

Anyway for those that have been reading for a while you may remember the post about vintage housecoats and how much I love the idea of them. You can read it here- Madmen & Housecoats. Shortly afterward I found some cute fabric from Vintage Village that would start me off making one for the munchkin (my daughter). Find that post here- Vintage Village . I figured that if I made a small one first it would be easier and quicker and I could avoid and silly mistakes.

Well I have avoided mistakes but the easier and quicker bit…. Not much!! I don’t have my one sewing machine so use my Mums- that’s my excuse anyway!

So here are a couple of pictures to show its slow but steady work now- I’m quilting each piece as I go along!

Let me know what you think!! And is it just me that has great ideas for projects but just takes ages to complete them???
Tell me I’m not alone!