Work With Me

If you like what you’ve seen here on Old Fashioned Susie and you’d like to work with me on a project- great!! And thanks for the compliment.

Read on for more info and how to get in touch.

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I’ve created this page as a checklist of what I do (and don’t do) here on the blog.

Things I can do;

  • Reviews of gifted products or other benefits (for example a hotel stay)
  • Sponsored content, when it’s a company or idea I’ve found interesting and is relevant to this blog and my readers. These are always disclosed either within the post or at the bottom (as a collaborative post).
  • Guest blogging, copywriting and ghost blogging for your online business.
  • Social media- I can run your social media for you or offer a consultancy to help you with your current strategy.
  • Product styling for photography shoots
  • Run giveaways of products

Please feel free to contact me { } if you’d like to work with me in any of the ways I’ve mentioned above (or any other unique ideas you might have). Remember this is my job and therefore my income so do bear that in mind when getting in touch.

Some examples of work are;

I also made a handy list of things I don’t do which might save a bit of time if you are thinking of contacting me.

Things I don’t do (so please don’t ask)

  • Publish pre written content
  • Guest posts
  • Brand collaborations without payment (including interviews)
  • Offer free advertising
  • Publish brand images without compensation
  • Sell Follow links
  • Publish infographics

View my latest stats and contact details here >> Find my media kit here