Hey sucker!

Some of you more regular readers will know we have our house on the market at the moment. Despite living in a variety of situations I’ve never actually sold a house before and I’m no mucky pup but having to keep your house pristine is a nightmare especially with a two and a half year old running around!

It turns out the stress of it was taking its toll not just on me but my vacuum cleaner too, it decided to blow up! So, with a few hours to go before a viewing I dashed around to my neighbours and borrowed hers to finish the job. I have to say I was well impressed- I could actually see the carpet lifting as the vac was sucking.

Ideally we wouldn’t have carpet at all due to my allergies, but we don’t really want to spend any more money on the house when we are not going to be living in it for long (I say this hopefully)!

Anyway the brand my neighbour allowed me to borrow was Morphy Richards- a brand I’d never considered before, as much bigger names spring mind and I suppose you assume they are the best. So I investigated and ended up with a Morphy Richards 73411 which is a slightly newer version of my neighbours.

The main things I’ve noticed about this model of vacuum cleaner is that despite it being very strong suction its really rather quiet, I can even vac up and the munchkin is not bothered. Which I couldn’t do with my previous one as it was so loud it frightened her!

Its also really easy to manuver with a swivel steering front- not cumbersome at all. I actually feel like vacing up is worth doing now as I can actually see the difference! This photo after its first use in my hallway and front room- it’d been about four days since I last hoovered in these rooms- but I was really shocked by the amount of dust, hair and goodness knows what else in the canister!

I know Argos do a range of bagless vacuum cleaners but for me this vac has really impressed and I’d suggest it to anyone especially if you have a mostly carpeted house (it does have a setting for tiles/laminate) and especially if you or someone you live with had long hair or pets or both! I’m notorious amongst friends and family for leaving a trail of my hair wherever I go.

I haven’t had a go at all the different features yet, but the fact it has a removable canister means I could even take it outside easily and vac the inside of the car- yep, now there really is no excuse for detritus anywhere now!

This product retails at around £150 but if you are on a tighter budget you can buy a cheap vacuum cleaner here.

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