Hair Accessories by Stonebridge- a review

I’ve had many hairstyles in my 34 years.

I’ve had many colours too! From playing with perms and bleach to the green streaks I currently wear. I always enjoy being a bit anti establishment. I’ve sometimes had to have “normal” hair because of the employment I’ve been in, but I’ve always enjoyed my hair.

I’ve got a lot of it too, as anyone who has cut or styled my hair, or who has ever lived with me will tell you. This Buzzfeed article made me laugh recently as I can relate so much to most of them. I have so much hair that anything I do with it seems to take forever.

Its no surprise then that most days I tie it up in a bun, french pleat or ponytail and then forget about it. I dont often wear it down during the day as I’m with the kids most of the time and my hair just tends to get in the way or covered in food.


Stone Bridge Hair Accessories recently sent me some hair accessories to try and they’ve really stopped me reaching for my hair elastic in the dark on waking. The Fat Capitaine Large Clamp is now my “go to” item first thing in the morning and often stays in my hair all day- until the girls are in bed anyway. Its surprisingly comfortable and designed for thick hair. Its also really well made as I cant tell you how many of this type of thing I’ve broken before now.

large hair clamp thick hair

I also received a large barrette clip- which Stonebrige told me I would be able to do a French pleat with- I didn’t believe them…

Overall- yes Stonebrige hair accessories are on more expensive than most you’d find on the High Street, but for the quality you are getting and the fact these things actually work on thick hair, its worth it.

So if you know anyone who has a bit of a lions mane then perhaps a little purchase from Stonebridge would make a perfect gift.


Disclosure- I received these items for the purpose of this review.