Gin & Tonic Vintage

My diary is a never ending source of frustration. Which is why it’s taken me six months (yes, really) to visit Gin & Tonic in their regular spot, Terrace in the Northern Quarter.

 But I’m very glad I did.

Gin & Tonic have enjoyed an incredible journey during 2013 – from their regular fairs at Terrace, to music festivals like Junction 16, to hobnobbing with celebrities at Fashion Night Out.

And of course, let’s not forget their pop up boutiques at Levenshulme Market, Castlefield Market and Font Bar.

So it’s no wonder our paths didn’t really cross until the Vintage Manchester Awards, when the ladies and I chatted over gin at the bar. Well, what else?

And for the new year? Well the world is their oyster. Clare and Natasha are having January off to recover (I wish I had that option) ahead of a busy 2014.

Their intention? Travel more, head outside Manchester a little bit more and spread their wings.

Their next fair at Terrace is the first Saturday in March and will run all the way through to December. Having picked up a gorgeous royal blue dress when I visited in December, you can bet that’s going in my diary.

But never fear. If you can’t wait until March for your vintage shopping, there’s a fab little sale on their web page. Time to snap up some bargains.