Further Afield- Ceder Farm Vintage Fair

Tucked away in the village of Mawdesley (near Chorley) is the oh-so-quaint Cedar Farm. Hosting numerous independent businesses, galleries and coffee shops (plus a petting zoo!) Cedar Farm holds a vintage fair on the second Sunday of every month. And this month I decided to try it out…

vintage fair

The car park at Cedar Farm was busier than I’ve ever seen it as we finally arrived in Mawdesley, fuelling my expectations for the fair. The site has a very creative, cutesy, shabby-chic vibe, so I felt optimistic that the fair would draw in some great vintage and craft vendors.

Let’s start with the problematic aspects of the event. The fair cost £1 to enter, which obviously isn’t a fortune, but for a family could easily add up. There’s also no cash machines on the premises and very few of the shops on site accept cards, so be sure to take some cash with you or stop at the nearby village in preparation.

The other main downside, which my male companion and I instantly noticed, was the lack of men’s vintage clothing available at the fair. There were a few stalls stocking a couple of vintage ties and men’s hats, but these were definitely in the minority. However it’s important to remember that the fair will no doubt attract different vendors each month, so don’t let it put you off, gents!

Now onto some positives! The variety of stalls at the fair was what made it so special for me. Far from from being just a vintage clothing sale, there were plenty of crafty vendors selling their hand-made items and some even sold craft supplies such as vintage fabrics and high quality wool.

The clothing on sale was a little hit and miss. I saw very few genuine 40’s or 50’s pieces, but plenty of good quality 70s and 80s pieces in the mid century style. There was also an array of fur (both real and faux) to admire – stoles, coats and shrugs – all at very reasonable prices. Many stalls had an assortment of vintage jewels to root through, with some hidden gems (if you’ll pardon the pun) to be picked up for a good price. My companion scored a beautiful vintage articulated fish pendant for his valentine which he found hidden amongst old children’s toys and general bric-a-brac.

The best part of the fair for me was the number of stalls selling mid century homewares. I just can’t resist the lure of a 50’s pyrex dish or a 60’s magazine rack. The Cedar Farm fair was definitely a test of self control as there was a plethora of vintage honey pots, egg cups and glass cup and saucer sets which could have easily won me over. And all without the hefty shipping fees of Etsy or eBay.

Admittedly I wasn’t completely strong-willed as I did take home with me this gorgeous porcelain cat from the wonderful Vintage Treat. I’ve always admired these (slightly creepy) ornaments and managed to get this one for a great price. I’ll definitely be visiting this stall again and hope to make many more purchases from them in the future!

After a coffee stop at Roberts and Co. in the art@cedarfarm building (my all time favourite coffee shop) and a quick pet of some goats, we headed home, the fair just as bustling as it was when we arrived. While Cedar Farm is definitely further afield for Manchester residents, if you’re looking for a grand day out in the country (with a vintage twist) it’s worth the drive. Check out the Cedar Farm website for more information.

Words and images by contributor Adele from Last Dollar Dress