Fundraising for Christmas

Okay so those of you who are super organised will have already started buying your Christmas gifts in the recent sales or even in the Boxing day sales of last year.

I am not that organised, plus I like the feeling of Christmas shopping near Christmas, the fresh cold air on my face, the regular stops for refuelling with coffee or mulled wine.

But this year like a lot of people I’m sure, there doesn’t seem to be as much in the Christmas money sack so to speak.  Lots of aspects of my life seem to be costing more; the two main ones for me are petrol and food shopping.

Here are a few ideas to help you (and me) save a few more pennies and raise a few pounds hopefully so the festive season isn’t as financially painful.

Sell stuff on eBay– The big ones for me here are DVD’s Blue Rays and Clothes. We have become fairly strict with excess in these areas and they are easy to sell on eBay- a low starting price encourages more bids, but please do weigh your items before listing them so you know how much they’ll cost. I’ve been caught out a few times with silly guestimations.

Offer a service to friends and/family- babysitting, ironing, window cleaning, weeding, washing the car, doing the weekly shop, how to use the internet lessons…. What can you offer for a small fee?

Sell Gold- worth it if you’ve odds and ends or jewellery and mismatched earrings. I’ve an awful habit of having lovely earrings, only to lose one of them- rendering the other one pretty much useless.

Go vegan– I’m not vegan but I do this a fair amount of the time and it really does save cash significantly. As regular readers will know I don’t eat dairy or eggs anyway so a vegetarian diet wouldn’t suit. Vegan does though and there are some fantastic recipe books out there. Lentils are full of protein and I’ll make a soup once or twice a week and freeze the excess so there is also no reason to buy convenience meals either, which are a daft expense when you’ve got home-made and wholesome food at home.

I’ll be reusing my reindeer decorations from last year too!

This is a sponsored post.