Front door- purple?

Recently I did a post about wanting a red front door.

Well newsflash readers, I’ve changed my mind!

You see despite red being my favorite colour, its not right for the front door. We’ve already peeled off the layer of dark green that was there when we moved in and it revealed a deep brick red shade. Which just isnt good.

It was then that I really started having doubts about the red and began to rethink the whole thing.

Turns out the answer was right in front of me all along. There is some stained glass in the door itself and a matching window to one side of the door… With a few purple, blue and violet hues in it.


One of my most treasured coats, is a similar shade, from Reiss a few years ago. The most amazing shade of royal purple and so I’m on a mission to find a paint colour similar to it for our front door.

First stop was the Valspar swatches in our local B&Q, this was always my favorite section of B&Q as a child. Anyone else collect a zillion swatches to take home and make stuff with? Anyhoo- here’s the swatches stuck onto the door to show you the colours in the glass too. You can also see the layers of paint we are stripping back!my front door edwardianWhat are your thoughts on a purple front door?

There’s such a wide range of colours that come under the purple family, from blue violets to those with more warmth almost amarath or cherry shades. I’ve been browsing some on Pinterest and there are some beautiful purple front doors on there!purple parisian doorI think to be greeted at the entrance to your home by one of your favourite colours would bring a smile to your face every single day , no matter what sort of day you’d had.

purple doors