FreePrints App- Printing My Photos Project

As you might’ve seen earlier this summer I started a project all about Printing My Photos.

Getting those images out of the digital world and into the real one. It seems time has just flown by and the ideas for this are in my head but not out in real life yet. The sign of a great summer?

I’ve managed to get some printed though and wanted to share my experience of this.

{check out the hashtag #printingmyphotos on Instagram and join in!}

I decided for this first bunch I’d use something I’ve tried before, an App called FreePrints.

FreePrints is an App that you have on your phone and you can upload images into the app from your phone and from some social media networks. The big selling point of this app is that the prints are free. But only the 6×4 ones. You just pay for postage which is from £1.49.

To print square ones with FreePrints, which is obviously the format of Instagram it starts at 19p each. Instagram have just allowed landscape and portrait images too, so these would be free at 6×4.

I found this app really easy to use but when I received the photos there was a couple of replicas which I hadn’t realised. Not exact replicas though, there was a square image on square paper then the same square image on 6×4 paper- which didn’t look great although it could be hand trimmed.

I think this was partly my fault as perhaps I hadn’t checked the order properly, but it would be great if this mistake was flagged somehow in the order.

The quality of the images is high, they are printed in the UK on Kodak paper in either Matt of Glossy depending on the size you want. I’m happy with the printing and the colour representation is accurate.

What I plan to do is get some larger format ones printed from here after this little experiment. I’ll be printing some photographs out of the family from this summer for some traditional rectangular frames we have.freeprints iphone app