Five Vintage Home Finds

Here at we are all about championing local vintage and second hand shops so here are the Editor Sue Earlam’s current top five vintage homeware finds that she has snaffled for herself!

Something unusual, a piece of Taxidermy; Male Spruce Grouse From Planet Vintage Girl for £60, I believe this was sourced from a collector, this is the start of the journey to make my home like the Addams Family House!

Planet Vintage Girl has a variety of vintage items on offer including homeware, accessories and some untouched yardage of vintage fabric from the atomic era- ideal for reupholstering  a footstool or other small piece of furniture. Planet Vintage Girl is housed in Insitu, which is a huge three floor building full of architectural salvage and architectural antiques- well worth a trip!

Now, these were a charity shop find, an amazing  set of silver spoons for £1.99. These are worth much more than £1.99!! They’ve not been valued yet but its safe to say, once they are worth around £40 each so I’ll be off to compare home insurance soon.

A vintage fair purchase; 1930’s hair combs from Vintage Village. These were bought for a song, at Vintage Village in Stockport- the early bird catches the worm as they say. They made of a early plastic to imitate the early tortoise shell combs from the Victorian era, estimated value £40 for the three.

A gift from a friend; 1940’s side plates by Empire Ware of Stoke On Trent. These square plates come with scalloped corners, in an ivory glaze with pea green border and red, yellow, blue and green floral design. So old and delicate but so beautiful- these defiantly don’t stay in the kitchen cupboard.

A family heirloom; Vintage “Mascot” Compact approx 1953. Estimated value £25 but as it’s been in the family for three generations it has sentimental value so is priceless really- I’ve never seen one like this either so it would be difficult to replace. It goes without saying if you have anything that is so precious, it needs to be covered by your home insurance!

Insurance is great for things that are dear to you or, on the expensive side. I know for example, if I lost the compact pictured above, I’d feel terrible, but if I had the capital to search for something similar it would make losing it less of a blow.


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  1. May 22, 2012 / 9:08 pm

    The Black Grouse sold this weekend, and the British Common buzzard sold this weekend. All happily re-homed! Glad the Spruce Grouse is settling in nicely.