Five tips for sprucing up- gents edition

Spring is a great time for clearing out old habits and improving your surroundings and yourself.

Today I’m going to share with you my sprucing up, or grooming if you prefer, tips for men. As you know I’m quite old fashioned about a lot of things… Some of these may surprise you and some you might disagree with, remember these are my personal preferences. Yours may be the opposite.

So men who are looking to update their look or just become more of an individual rather than following the crowd, read on. Ladies you can forward this on to the men in your life if you like.

So here are my five tips on looking good for men:

1, Keep the body hair.

Yes you read that right, I love a hairy man. Please don’t be waxing, or worse shaving, that chest hair off. I think it’s a sign of high testosterone levels (I’ve read it somewhere) and my attraction to it is probably something chemical or even Neanderthal… Me Tarzan, You Jane and so on… And hello have you seen Sean Connery in his prime? Note his hairy legs too- this is a good thing.

sean connery hairy chest

2, Grow facial hair.

Following on with the hair theme, I’m a beard lover. Well to be honest any facial hair on a man makes him better looking, tell me you’ve noticed this too? Here’s proof. Don’t let it grow too wild though, and it goes without saying it’s got to be clean, and maybe add some beard oil every now and again.

One of my favourite beards is supported by Chris Helmsworth as Thor. Hello there…!

thor beard chris helmsworth five tips for men looking good

3, Look after your teeth.

Might be an obvious one this but its surprising even civilised society how many men just don’t do this. It can stem from a childhood fear of the dentist or perhaps just laziness, but there is no excuse for bad teeth. Whether you need something like invisalign braces or just a clean at the hygienist- its never too late to get things fixed.

4, Hair in other places.

Oh we are back on the hair subject again! This time I am suggesting removal or trimming… Of any nasal hair or hair sprouting form the ears. I’m sure this also means something about having a lot of testosterone but I have to draw the line somewhere- right ladies?

5, Exfoliation.

Men’s skin tends to be thicker than women’s- mainly due to the hair (again) follicles that lie beneath it. The pores are generally bigger too and can collect more dirt and grease. I’d go as far as to say men probably benefit more from exfoliation than women do because of this. I know whenever my husband exfoliates he always looks about five years younger after scrubbing away all the old skin cells and grime. If you’re interested he uses Nivea Daily Essentials scrub.

steve mcqueen in the bath

So that’s my top five tips for men on how to look good… Most of it is about making the effort but it is so worth it, taking care of your appearance is an attractive quality after all.


Disclosure- this is a collaborative post.